In 26th July, 2013 I was at a Orientation Program for the Selection of Microsoft Student Partner.  It was my first orientation program. The Orientation was presented by Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar. And Today i want to share my 1st experience of this orientation program.

MSP means Microsoft Student Partner. Microsoft Innovation Centre is conducting MSP Program Every Year in Nepal since 6 years.

The Orientation Program was held in Informatics Collage, Pokhara. The Training Starts from 7:00 AM and ends at about 2:30 PM.

The MSP orientation class not only happened to be my best orientation class but also one of the best classes I've ever been in. I was just concentrating at my instructor at the whole time of the orientation, and i never felled bored. I felt like it was the 7 hours I've utilized best in my life. Whatever he said, carried weight and was very reasonable. As soon as he took the control of the program it felt like something special was going to happen. He also ensured that no one would get bored by cracking jokes every now and then.

I remember, Allen sir was first spoken to me, while adjusting the projector. I was at the last bench, and he ask me is the display is clear or not? I shaked my head left to right, telling yes it's clear now! He repeated my activity, he also shacked his head left to right and tell yes, it is clear??? All of my friends laugh together, and it was so funny.

He Started presentation from a rocking hindi song, and we all are supprised. 

When i was in the room, my mind never diverted in other field. I only think about creativity and innovation. I'd  like to mention that Allen sir is one of the best Nepalese presenter.

At the orientation, he assigned us different tasks to assess us. It might sound as a flattery but I'm very serious about this. I sincerely loved every moment of his presentation and interaction. He asked us to find a partner that didn't belong to my college. I found New Friends their, and a instructor like Allen sir.

It was Allen Sir's belief that the good things about a person come out when he's dead. And i think that is completely true. So he ask us to write our own condolence that we have to present it within 2 minute. That was the difficult task that i myself has to be declared that i am dead. Moving on to condolence, we had a break to have lunch and I couldn't quite have the lunch with free mind. I had to think about the condolence letter as well. After Lunch, I write the condolence and present it among Allen Sir and all other participants,my new friends. The condolence i wrote was ok , but I felt it lacked something. That's why I tried to have some impromptu inputs in the condolence. That's why I got nervous and my thoughts started to get confused. But, at the end though my presentation lacked a little, I felt the content of the condolence was quite good.

The overall class was the best class I've ever been in as I got a chance to meet some excellent young and talented people from around the Pokhara Valley. They seemed to be full of innovative ideas. Maybe, I might not rank among as one of the most talented one in the MSP program but i felt very excited after the orientation. I certainly am willing to try catching up by doing a lot of hard-work.

At last, I just want everyone of the MSP applicants including me to take MSP as a good opportunity to help IT develop in Nepal, but not as the only one. We  have to share our knowledge and ideas among our friends, and other MSP's. Even if we happen to lose out on the opportunity to become a MSP we still can make a big difference by hard-work and devotion. Similarly, we should also share knowledge we have as much as possible as it doesn't decrease or get stolen by sharing. It rather happens to increase unlike most of the other things in the physical world. 
Overall, I really enjoyed this program and I really feel lucky that I got an opportunity to apply for MSP 2014.


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