MTH 121.3 Engineering Mathematics II (3 – 2 – 0)
Theory Practical Total
Sessional 50 - 50
Final 50 - 50
Total 100 - 100
Course Objective:
The main objective of this course is to provide the basic knowledge of three dimensional geometry, Calculus of
several variables, differential equation, Laplace transform. After the completion of this course, students can use their
knowledge in their professional course.
Chapter Content Hrs
1 Three Dimensional geometry :
i. Review of direction cosines, direction ratios, Planes
ii. Straight lines
iii. Sphere and its tangent plane
iv. Cone and cylinder( definitions, standard equation only)
2 Partial derivatives and Extreme values for function of two or more variables:
i. Definitions, total derivatives, Chain rule, Eulers theorem for function of two or three
variables, its application
ii. Extreme values for two or more variables
3 Laplace transformation:
i. Definition
ii. Derivation of formulae
iii. Application of laplace transform,
iv. Inverse laplace transform
v. Convolution theorem on laplace transform and application
Differential equation:
i. Order and degree of differential equation
ii. First order differential equation with their solutions (separable, reducible to separable
form exact ness condition), linear and Bernoulies equation)
iii. Second order differential equation (Homogeneous and non homogeneous) with constant
coefficient as well as variable coefficients.
iv. Initial value problem.
v. Power Series solution
vi. Legendres and Bessel equation with their solution, properties and application
5. Double Integral:
i. Definitions, Fubinis theorems (statement only)
ii. Change of order,
iii. Change Cartesian integral to equivalent polar integral
iv. Area and volume by double integral
Text Books:1. Engineering Mathematics II: Prof. D.D Sharma (Regmi), Toya Narayan Paudel, Hari Prasad Adhikari,
Sukunda publication, Bhotahity, Kathmandu.
2. Advance Engineering Mathematics : Erwin Kreyszig.
Reference Books:
1. Calculus with analytical geometry: E.W. Swokoswski.
2. Algebra: G.D Pant
3. Three Dimensional Geometry: Y.R Sthapit, B.C Bajracharya
4. Calculus and analytical geometry: George B Thomas, Ross L. Finney