ENG 104.2 Communication Technique (2-2-1)
Theory Practical Total
Sessional 50 - 50
Final 50 - 50
Total 100 - 100
Course Objectives:
The main objectives of this course are:
4. To develop the ability to deliver technical knowledge orally in English.
5. To be able to comprehend and take notes after listening.
6. To fasten reading skills in technical and non-technical reading materials.
7. To develop summarizing skills in writings.
8. To write reports, letters, description on technical talks, seminar papers, memoranda, application
Chapters Content Hrs.
1 Review of Written English
· Identification of Sentence and clause
· Classification of sentence (simple, compound, complex)
· transformation of sentences
2 Oral Communication and Note Taking
· Variety of English (BrE, AmE, formal, informal, polite, familiar, tentative)
· General rules of pronunciation (English Vowels and Consonants)
· General rules of stress and intonations
· Oral presentation/technical talk: Environmental pollution, construction, water resources, impact
of satellite communication, urban development, impact of computer in modern society
3 Technical Writing Skills
· Preparation of short memoranda (Importance, formats)
· Business letters (Importance-purposes)
· Preparation of job application and CV
· Description writing (Process, Mechanism, Place etc.)
· Calling meeting and writing minutes, notification, preparation of agenda
4 Reading Skills
· Comprehension questions and exercises from:
· The use and the misuse of science, Road foundation, Beauty, Custom, The story of an hour
(Kate Chopin), Knowledge and wisdom, Freedom, Letter from foreign grave (D. B Gurung),
Natural Resources of Nepal: Forests & Water (Mani Bhadra Gautam)
· Note making and precise writing from any passage

Tutorial Works:
1. Some general rules of pronunciation..
2. To present a seminar paper/report/proposal.
3. To participate in a group discussion.
4. To conduct a meeting.
5. To prepare and practice to face an interview.
1. Andrea J. Rutherford. Basic Communication Skills for Technology. 2nd Edition. Addision Wesley.
Pearson Education Asia (LPE) ISBN: 8178082810
2. Khanal Arjun, Communication Skills in English, Sukunda Pustak Bhawan, 2010
Reference Books:
1. Anne Eisenberg, Effective Technical Communication, Mc-Graw Hill 1982.
2. V.R. Narayanaswami, Strengthen your writing, Orient Longman, Madras.
3. Champa Tickoo & Jaya Sasikumar, Writing with a Purpose, Oxford University Press, Bombay.
4. A handbook of pronunciation of English words (with 90-minute audio cassettes) Communication
Skills in English.
5. Chopin, Kate. “The Story of an Hour”, Creative Delights
6. Gautam Shreedhar, Creation & Criticism: A Miscellaneous Thought
7. Gautam Mani Bhadra, Essays, Stories, Passages, Paragraphs and Letter writing for the Young
Learners, Nirantar Prakashan, Kathmandu, 2008