MTH 111.3 Engineering Mathematics I (3-2-0)
Theory Practical Total
Sessional 50 - 50
Final 50 - 50
Total 100 - 100
Course Objectives:
After the completion of this course students will be able to apply the concept of calculus (Differential and integral),
analytical geometry and vector in their professional courses.
Chapter Content Hrs.
1 Limit, Continuity and Derivative:
i. Limit, continuity and Derivative of a function with their properties
ii. Mean values Theorem with their application
iii. Higher order derivative
iv. Indeterminate forms
v. Asymptote
vi. Curvature
vii. Ideas of curve tracing
viii. Extreme values of functions of single variables
2 Integration with its Application:
i.Basic integration, standard integral, definite integral with their
ii.Fundamental theorem of integral calculus (without proof)
iii.Improper integral
iv.Reduction formulae and use of beta Gamma functions
v.Area bounded by curves
vi.Approximate area by Simpsons and Trapezoidal rule,
vii.Volume of solid revolution
3 Two dimensional geometry:
i. Review ( circle, Translation and rotation of axes)
ii. Conic section( parabola, ellipse, hyperbola),
iii. Central conics (Introduction only).
4. Vector Algebra:
i. Review of vector and scalar quantity
ii. Space coordinates
iii. Product of two or more vectors
iv. Reciprocal system of vectors and their properties
v. Equations of lines and planes by vector methods
Text Books:
1. Engineering Mathematics I: Prof. D.D Sharma (Regmi), Toya Narayan Paudel, Hari Prasad
Adhikari, Sukunda Publication Bhotahity , Kathmandu
2. Calculus and analytical geometry: George B Thomas, Ross L. Finney

Reference Books:
1. Calculus with analytical geometry: E.W. Swokoswski.
2. Coordinate Geometry: Lalji Prasad.
3. Vector Analysis: M. B. Singh
4. Integral Calculus: G.D. Panta.