Follow the steps below and charge your mobile without turning on the power of your laptop. This tutorial is based on windows 8. For other version of windows, go to device manager (right click on my computer and click on manage, then click on device manager)
Step 1: right click on "Start (list)".
Step 2: left click on "Device Manager (menu item)".

Step 3: left click on "Universal Serial Bus controllers (tree item)" in "Device Manager".

Step 4: Left double click on "USB Root Hub (tree item)" in "Device Manager". (Click the 1st one i.e The Second Last One) if you saw two USB Root hub.

Step 5: left click on "Power Management (tab item)" in "USB Root Hub Properties".

Step 6: left click on "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (check box)" in "USB Root Hub Properties". (Untick the checkbox)

Step 7: left click on "OK (button)" in "USB Root Hub Properties".

Now you can charge your mobile when your laptop is off. But remember, All of your USB Port may not be able to charge your device. So, check on all of the ports one by one. :)
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Watch the video tutorial below.
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