Hi Friends, Today I am sharing you a trick to add all of your facebook friends in a facebook Group in a click. Everyone may have problem on adding friends in a group that they have to add their friend one by one. And from Now you can add your all friends in a group with only a click. Now follow the steps below to add all your friends in a group easily.

Steps to Add all your Facebook friends in a group.

  • First Login to Facebook and go to the group where you want to add your all friends.
  • Bookmark this LINK. (Drag it to Bookmark Bar To Bookmark it).
    • to show your bookmark bar in every pages go to new tab, right click on bookmark bar and select or mark show bookmark bar.
  • Go to the group where your friends are to be added.
  • Now click on the link you just have bookmarked.
  • Now just wait and see your all friends are being added in that group.
Tested and Works Successfully in Torch Browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Posted By : Saroj Poudel